Friday, September 14, 2012


You pretty much cant roll thru Hayward without taking a pic of the 140 foot Musky. It towers.
Yesterday I did get in a pretty good hour and a half ride around the cabin. Nice roads. Very quiet. And it forgot about the rolling hills of the Birkie trail. These road reminded me of what Im up against tomorrow. Your either going down or up. 
I'll try to take advantage of the 29' wheels and gain as mush momentum as I can Im pretty good at that.
Spent last nite in a local bar on main street watching the Packer game with a ton of Bears fans. Must have up on vacation.
I even spotted a Farve Vikings jersey. That was creepy.
So for four hours I took in the local flavour.
Today I have some kayaking on tap. A road spin on the MTB to clear out the legs, a trip to Cable to register and Im toying with the ides of driving the hour or so up to the Apostle Islands. Other than that its a goof off day. Prep the bike.
6am out of bed to get the bike on the line tomorrow. I would like to line up at most, half way back. Under 1000 anyway. Not sure how early I need to be there to do that but no way Im getting up sooner than that. Im on vacation.

Next post might be Monday. Race in morn, then up and on the road home Sunday morn.

Have a good weekend.


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Sarah said...

Have a great day tomorrow (and on all of your vacation!)

...and that fish: GINORMOUS! It's every fish story my grandad has ever told.