Wednesday, September 5, 2012

750am Phone pic
Its 830am and Ive been up since 330. I arrived at the store 5 hours before it opens. I knew this would happen. I called it. No sleep. Brain will not shut off.

Today it really starts. Cross race stuff. After work tonite I head down to Milwaukee to pick up tape, stakes and barriers. Tomorrow I will start the official race prep. Grass cutting, hole filling and such at the park. Running around making sure I have stuff like enough copies of release forms, extension cords, banners. The awards are still not here but I have faith they will arrive tomorrow.

Its a lot for one guy to do but I would have it no other way. Make a list, start from the top and work down. It will consume me the next two days. I have the store fully staffed to run without me Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will get it done. Its stressful but fun stressful. Self induced. Really, almost all of the stress in my life is self induced.

Another nice visit to the HP today. Now that the kids are in school the store opens an hour later and I have no problem using that hour to my advantage. The Park, for the most part becomes a ghost town and thats when I consider it mine again. At least in my head. Im not sure what I would do if I didn't have that place available to me.

Then, when the cross race is said and done, I will have to turn my attention to Chuammy. I can never spell Cheumequan.

So besides all this I still gatta find time to put some hours on the bike.
Not sure how the posting will go the next few days. 


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Sarah said...

Good luck Dan! I am very interested in cyclocross... Never saw it up close, but something about it has me intrigued!