Tuesday, September 11, 2012

540am. Overlooking sand run up from Saturday.

I'm trying to move on from the weekend but still wrapping things up from the race. Almost done. While its a lot of fun work part of me is happy to have it over and done with. And for good reason. Tomorrow I leave for Hayward, Wisco to attend my first Fat Tire 40 in ten years. Not sure if Im ready to race my MTB for 40 miles but its too late now....
Animals come out more when people are gone.

Saw these guys this morn. The visits to the HP are getting better by the day. Almost nobody out there. Kids are in school and this place gets deserted. Very peaceful. I am, in fact, going to kit up after I type this and ride the cross bike back over there. My second visit today in over an hour. Thats a good day.
The rest of the day is all work related. Once again ( for what, the third week in a row?) trying to get a weeks worth of work in a few days. But this is the last for awhile. Really, the next trip is Iceman the first week of Nov. Cant even think about that now.

For the rest of this week I will be staying at a very nice cabin just 5 miles out of Hayward. Its expensive and remote. I like remote (not expensive tho). They have kayaks! I have been wanting to try that in like, forever. Will this finally be the chance I have been waiting for? 
I say yes. Heres a pic of the cabin. Very cute.
We will be arriving Wednesday and leaving Sunday. Days starting out with relaxation and ending in terrible pain and suffering. Sure sounds like fun!
The cabins have wifi so posting will be a breeze. Not that I will spend a lot of time on one but I could sneak a post or two in before Saturday.
I better go, time to ride. More on the race tomorrow.


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Have a great time!