Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whats Your Fav Bike?

Pinky is my favorite bike. Ive had it for ten years. I paid $275.00 for the frame. Not sure what year the bike is. Its a Trek XO1. I just finished a complete makeover. New Sram Apex. New Avid Ultimate's. Dugast tubee's.  This is the best shape this bike has even been in. And its for the fall group rides here in town. Before we are in full winter riding mode there's a time where the ride is about 15% woods and the rest road. Most ride their MTB but at that time I pull out this rocket and make them suffer. Well, almost. I have yet to sit on it but a cross bike is the most fun you can get out of a bike. I cant wait to ride it.
Here it is in tour mode. Rode it around the great State of Wisco in Aug of 08. Had a great time and introduced me to touring. At the time I pulled a Burley Nomad but now Im all panniers. At this time the bike boasted a 10 or so year old 3x9 drive line that had almost 10 thousand miles on it. I came from my first road bike back in 1999. I got my moneys worth out of that. I have since put those parts on a used bike and sold it.
Just before I opened the store. Here Pinky is in SS mode. In my HP. It was not this way for long. And after I opened the store it sat in the basement for quite some time. The crank is the 10 year old from prior configuration. Just minimized. Home made spacers on the rear with a ring off the cassette. Good stuff.
For quite a while I used Pinky as a winter only bike. Here in classic winter form. Still the 10 year old driveline all put back together as you never want to run good stuff in winter. Beach riding get sand everywhere.
Here is winter mode 2011 (last year). I added the pink seat and post. You cant tell but those are studded tires. Last winter I rode the Long Haul Trucker most of the winter but kept Pinky for all the real icy days. This is pretty much what it looked like just before the current condition. It had a 1x10 drive line. Perfect for winter biking. New 105 levers and cassette. Cheap SS crank.

In a world where Im riding new bikes constantly Pinky is the only bike I can really call my own. I will never sell it. If I dont use it it will hang in my garage until the day I die.



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Anonymous said...

Pinky's not so Pink anymore...turning into a red head. Can't wait to ride.