Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TOUR TIME (again)

Turned flash on for effect. Prepping once again.
Today my thoughts are pointed back to touring. Thursday I leave for my second really long bike ride of the year. Prep has already started. Bags are being packed. 
I pretty much will carry the same stuff I had last time. However, I might add some cooler weather clothing. What a contrast to last months tour.
I will never forget July 5th, 2012
Im expecting some cool comfortable days here. Right now its my annual tour of Door County but in the back of my mind I would like to make it to Washington Island and hit up the Red Cup coffee shop. That would depend on how far I go the first day and if I maybe could leave a bit sooner. Not sure I will have the work front squared away to leave sooner. I'll try.
Originally I had planned a lap around Lake Michigan but thats over 10 days long and I just do not have the time for that now. Bucket list.
This will be a nice 4 to 5 day tour. North along the lake. Roads I know real well. Just riding and looking at stuff. No 104 temps to battle. Piece of cake. I borrowed my trusted employee Ben S's Chromebook that runs off of Verison so I hope to have Internet everywhere.
This will be the last tour of the summer for me. 
When I return all thoughts will be on attending a few races to end out the summer. Two or three WORS races and Chaummy is in my future.
I am trying to save the best times for last this summer so I hope I succeed in that. So I have a lot on my plate in the near future.
And I like that.


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