Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes the clarity of my cell phone camera (Galaxy S3) surprises me. Nice pic this morn. Again, mornings like this are numbered. Take it all in now.
Im doing that for real.
Yesterday was one of those really busy days that I got nothing done. I started this post at 10am and never got to finish.

This weekend was nice for riding. Saturday group ride was tame due to all the players at Race the Lake or at the MTB National. I guess its just us slow guys left. I got dropped twice but managed to pull myself back in both times. Not sure if thats my fitness talking or the ride was just that much  slower. Whatever. I had a good time.
Sunday was weird.
I loaded the MTB and headed to our local trails. After an hour there I decided to leave my car at the park and ride the MTB home to get my tour bike (Disc Trucker) that was still there since failure to launch a few weeks back. I cant put it on my car due to all the racking and needed to ride it back to the store and today was a good day to do so. I was going to ride it back, which I did, then grab the cross bike and ride that back to the park to get my car. Three different bikes in 80 minutes. Kinda fun. Grabbed Crosspinky from the store after parking the tour bike and proceeded to ride away from a stop sign a few miles in and busted the chain clean off. Not sure how I did that.
 Very seldom does that happen to me. But it did and I had to walk quite a ways back to the store. After a bit I took off my shoes to walk better. I coasted the bike on the downhills.
Then I called my daughter to give me a ride to the park to get my car.

Got the bike in the store in the morn to find the chain is twisted beyond repair and that the (near new Apex) derailleur is bent beyond repair. What the hell?
Again not sure if I miss shifted or what. I do remember not really putting a lot into the peddle stroke when it broke. Maybe I just had it on too much chain cross when I started to peddle. 
Saturday the store next to me paid this guy to hold a street sign. After a while he got bored and just starting walking around downtown. One can never pass up a foto opp with a StormTrooper.


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sprider said...

It appears you were the droid he was looking for...