Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rain day. Visit to HP was just a drive thru today. No pics. That kinda day. But when I throw down a pic that I didn't take that day I think Im gonna go back into my archives and re use one Ive use before. Here is one for 2010.

Yesterday I attended Trekworld in Madison which is a show\conference for all Trek dealers. They have some seminars and show all the new bikes. This was now my forth one and in the past I would stay two days but this year was only a few hours. I went I saw. Im not the kind of guy to post every pic of all of Treks new bikes on my blog. I have a store site for that. But I will throw down one thing real quick. No more top end 26in wheel bikes. No more Top Fuels. You wanna race XC? Its going to be on a 29er. After I sell my 2012 demo I'll be on this one.  Cant wait. 
Spent more time on State Street watching the kids move in for school. What parent in their right mind would let their kid live in State Street? Its crazy weird there.
 So that was the reason for no post.
Like I "need" a reason.

Other than that its all cross race stuff. Almost ready to go in that respect.  And of course selling bike stuff in between.



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