Friday, August 31, 2012


Cliff jumping is popular with the collage kids in Marquette. I did not jump.
Miners Falls in Pictured Rocks. Dude standing on bottom for scale.
Quite a bit to write about. Got home late last nite from the mini vacation to Marquette,MI. Several weeks ago when I went there for Ore to Shore I just blew in and out of town so I wanted to go back and hang there a bit to get a feel of whats going on there.
The plan was to stay two days, ride a few times and look around.
Wednesday had us riding the bike path around town, mostly along the lake shore. Very nice. The town was very busy as the kids were coming back for Northern Michigan U.
Which made it easy to spot the best coffee shops and restaurants. Bikes everywhere.

The weather was perfect. Almost better than perfect. After bike riding and eating\drinking we just walked the streets to get a feel of whats going on. Again, it seems all the local establishments were plenty happy the kids were coming back. Most had "help wanted" signs out to gear up for the increase in biz. The second ride was a short one at Marquette Mountain. Awesome MTB loops that I, in fact, rode on a cross bike. So that was a bit limiting and will look forward to coming back and doing those trails up right.

Marquette Mountain trailhead. Still fun on a cross bike.
Thursday had us once again in the coffee shop, then over to a local store to get a tshirt. And the plan was to stop at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the way home (long way).
I was a bit disappointing there. If your not on a boat or backcountry hiking there is only on place to view. We did walk a short mile to see the waterfalls. Plus, all the billboards for this place had Kid Rock's face on it cuz one of his videos was filmed there. That alone should have told me to stay away.
But what we did see was was cool. But not worth the extra 3 or 4 hours we took to see it. I would recommend the boat tour to see it all.

Of course this is a holiday weekend and I plan on a lot of riding. After the three (two for me) day weekend its countdown to cross race on the 8th. It will consume me all week. Half of me is looking forward to it, the other not so much. But once its all set and rolling it is fun.
Have a great weekend.


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