Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Another great morning. How many more of these can we have? I'll take a million. The beach was, as usual, awesome.

A little more on Lance. Then done.
It seems a lot of people know a lot about Lance. People walking in the store are telling me facts about the guy. Its running rampant. Your either really, really love the guy, or really, really hate him.
I had, and still am having quite the response to my Lance post. The person who has misinformed us the worst is not a person at all. But the media. Field day about something they again know not much about but pay someone to research it for a few hours then report, then move on to another thing they know nothing about.

I think that if you look back to my post, I had some pretty knowledgeable responses that I would not disagree with. But still, would question. Why? Why now? When the Feds could not nail him under there rules they went to an agency that did not need proof to convict. That is why Lance did the right thing by not fighting.  And no, as the media reports, he has not been stripped of his wins. Not yet. But could happen. But I think the UCI might rule that doing that would not be in their best interest. Time will tell.

Read this.

I will say that he probably did this stuff. As everyone else did. But again, never got caught when others did. He is the target cuz he won. As oppose to doping and taking fourth. I guess he was the best at not getting caught. Because he still did not. I hear now Tygart will consider reducing his banishment if he cooperates. Really?
If you want someone to cooperate, first you need to catch him doing something. The other riders got caught in the cookie jar, and "cooperated" . Cant wait till their books come out. Thats going to be a hate fest right there. I'll pass.

But really, this is all mute. Lance did not fight. And in doing so, even if he says not, is admitting guilt. This is not over by a long shot. And thats sad cuz Lance has walked and will have nothing more to do with it. Its the agency's that will keep this going. Its a pretty awesome bandwagon and getting bigger. Moving on.

In six hours I will be on a four hour drive to here to spend a few day of MTB awesomeness.

And maybe a little kayaking here.

And a whole lot of nothing else until I return to the store Friday.


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Sarah said...

Enjoy your kayaking & mountain biking Dan!