Monday, August 27, 2012

I gatta say that I dont have much to show for this weekend. Did not do the MTB race on Sunday. Or much of anything else for that matter. 

Saturday had me on the normal group ride. I could not decided if I should do this. By riding this I was jeopardizing my race performance for Sunday. Just too big an effort the day before. But at the last minute decided to participate. Weather dudes were calling for rain anyway on Sunday. So I didn't want to not ride Saturday only to ditch a mud race Sunday.

The ride was good. I put in some huge efforts. We took the tougher and longer route which really beats the crap out of me. I was wasted after and was still sore when hitting the sheets at nite. I decided then that Im sleeping in and not racing in the morning. And that turned out to be a good decision as it was raining pretty good when I woke and you all know I hate racing in mud. So I pretty much would have not gone anyway.

Sunday then was a rain day. No riding. Stayed in and watched movies and football. And a bike race. I gatta say one stage of the Colorado race was more exiting than 5 stages of the Tour. This was a very entertaining race to watch in TV. And is now a few steps ahead of Tour of Cali. Good job to all involved.

Now.... next up is a quick mini vacation back up to Marquette, MI, where I races O2S a few weeks ago. I blew in in and out of that place so fast I had no time to look it over. So I leave tomorrow afternoon. Home late Thursday. Bringing my MTB (of course) and the cross bike for some bike path races.
Will spend some time in and around Pictured Rocks. Thats a cool place so Ive been told.

As I said in a post prior, the next month is crazy busy. Business and pleasure both. I am trying to take each event one at a time. So my thought toward my impending cross race will not start until Friday, when Im back from what I hope is a stress reliving few days up in Gods country.

A little more on that stuff tomorrow.


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