Wednesday, August 8, 2012

filefoto. July 4th.
Again, all my attention is toward my impending bike ride. I did have 20 miles of road bike this morn. Awesome temps and sun.

The tour bike is now about 80% packed.

I did plan to leave late today but it looks like first thing in the morn.

I will try to plan ahead a bit. Maybe set a reservation. Thats always been against the rules but with the fiasco last tour seems like the smart thing to do but I just am not sure how far Im going tomorrow. 
Maybe 80 miles? Century? If I want to make it all the way to Washington Island I gatta put in at least 100 tomorrow. The more I think about it, the Island may be too far to be home by Monday. Thats over 70 per day for all four days. Peninsula Park it is. Looks like rain tomorrow.
Son of a....


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