Thursday, August 2, 2012

file foto. Love this one.
Pink rear cable housing and peace sign hanger
Yesterday I forgot two things to show you. First, to keep Pinky real I did keep some pink. Rear derailer housing. And also want to point out the coolest thing about the bike: the peace sign brake hangers. How cool is that.
Just sayin'

Today's lake pic is from the file. A huge file. I forgot I even had that pic. I really like it. Those were the exact colors. No enhancements.

And yesterday aft I did get to take Pinky on her maiden (in this configuration) voyage.
Everything worked well and I was reminded that a cross bike is still the funnest bike one could own. Loved it. Speaking of...
The cross race is just 4 weeks away(plus two days) and things are going well. All permits and license's have been files. Just need to organize a crew and hope for good weather.

I hope to get out on it again today. In between the rain.

A blast to ride.

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Anonymous said...

good cross weather means lots of rain!!!