Monday, August 6, 2012

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Most days I go to the HP out of routine. Just part of my day. Like riding a bike its just what I do.
But some days I go out of necessity.
Today was the latter. And thats all I have to say about that.

Saturday had me on the the group ride and it was good and bad for me. On the way out I did well. Got dropped once but not bad enough that I could not get pulled back in. Even did well on a few hills.
One pretty good hill usually has me off over 100 yards but Saturday it was less than 20 and I got back in in around 30 seconds. Thats good for me.

I put in some good efforts that had me finishing up less than 30 seconds when we got to the restaurant. I was spent. I pretty much emptied the tank and knew on the way home I would not be long for the peloton. And that was the case as I was off in less than 20 minutes after we started for home.
But thats fine by me. 10 miles to go I completely ran out of gas and had to soft peddle it back. A good workout for me. And some nice results on the way out. Maybe I will be ready to race in a few weeks?????

Sunday had me rolling solo for 20 miles. I had the Domane at home so it was nice to not have to drive to the store to ride. The weather was great as all the humidity was gone. I was a bit tired having to attend a family wedding the nite before. Im just not used to staying out late anymore. Im old.

I mentioned a few days ago I just got the Motorola ACTIV and have been using it. Being a Garmin fan since 2005 I am trying to keep an open mind and after a few more rides I will give a full report. It just takes a bit of time to figure stuff like this out and there is things I still have not gotten to yet. But initial reports are good. Time will tell if it replaces my Garmin 500.
If that happens you will be the first to know.


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