Thursday, August 9, 2012


Parked with change in plans
So there sits the tour bike. In my garage. Fully packed.
And thats where its going to stay.
Unfortunatly, poor weather and personal issues have me ditching the tour. Woke to a rainy morn and radar says its not going away.
I really wanted to tent this tour but touring with a tent on a bike in the rain is a bummer.
Another issue was the lack of State Park campsites. I called several parks, including my fav Peninsula, only to hear no sites left but a few non-reserve. Those are handed out first come first serve. However, by the time I would get there after peddling all day those sites would be long gone. Next thought would be a private campground. At almost 40 bucks per nite. Then the last option would be hotel with weekend rates well over $100 bucks. I got burned on that one last year.

So the tour is ditched. I was thinking maybe in a few weeks I'll try again. But looking at my schedule its going to be game on for MTB racing soon and that will consume my time on a bike. So the trucker may have to be cleaned up and hung up in the store till next year. At least in tour mode. In the winter I take off the racks and put MTB tires on it to ride on the beach. But thats quite a ways away.
But all is not lost. Since I have the store covered I am thinking about loading up the car with the road and MTB and driving up to Door County tomorrow. Get some riding in. And will bring the camping stuff just in case. If I dont get a site I can just drive home. No biggie. But I could leave early and have a better chance at a site in the Park.
Its not the same as touring but I will still get to my fav park and ride some bikes. Maybe get to camp. So its kinda like doing the same thing but differently.

So the tour is off the table but a weekend out is still game on.



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Dan Dittrich said...

Yup. riding a tour bike in steady rain with tent and limited clothing for four days will bring out the pussy in me every time.

Dan Dittrich said...

Just wondering, mean guy 1 or mean guy 2?

Liz Jesse said...

Sorry to hear about the tour Dan. Did you ask the parks about their "always room for bikes" policy? BTW: I totally understand about not wanting to camp in the rain - it sucks. We lucked out and only had one rainy day on our tour.

Anonymous said...

Just a simple suggestion. Hold off for a couple of weeks. School starts and the majority of familys have there summer vacations under their belts. i would think that there would be lots of open sites in sept other than august?