Monday, August 13, 2012


How in the hell did I get here?

It was a long drawn out process that will have me start from the beginning. First off, as prior post says, I was fully packed and headed out for a four day tour. Then the all day rain came and I abandoned Thursday, looking for Friday departure. Then, it was hit or miss if I actually found a site that late in the weekend and it looked like hotel was the only way. And I really wanted to tent it.
So then I decided to leave Friday morn in the car, fully loaded to camp and if I didn't find a site I just had a great ride up in Door County and drove home. So that was the plan.

Until I was texted by good friend Jon H that he was up at Ore 2 Shore and that I could pirate his site if I wanted too. I considered it.
Friday morn shines around and I leave heading north. I get to Green Bay where I either turn right to Door County or left to Marquette,WI and Ore 2 Shore.
I turned left.
I lined up around 850ish
I figured why ride alone when I could ride with 1160 others. And with Shuammy coming up I could use the experience. And for God sakes I needed to ride my MTB more. So I took Jon's offer and drove to da UP. I arrived to the campground around 11am eastern.
Friday had me riding way too much a day before a race as this but I could not help it. I needed time on the bike so I rode the course backwards about 7 miles. Twice. 
You could not slap the smile from my face.
The campground was less than two miles from the finish and the course past it just several hundred yards away.
After a great nites sleep on my new Nemo air pad I woke race morning to wondering what the hell to eat and drink pre race. Its been too long since I have dealt with that and was happy to have such a dilemma. After driving the 10 miles to the start I realized I got there a bit too late as I lined up in the mid 800's out of a reported 1160 bikes. I knew I was in trouble when all the riders to the left were wearing t shirts and jeans. Guy to my right was in full down hill amour. I needed to move up fast to avoid any issues. Little did I know that one could have jumped line and started farther up based on estimated finish time. Now they tell me. I could have started 500 bikes sooner.
Live and learn.
At the get go it was slow. The group surged and stopped several times with riders unable to clip out and riders were laying everywhere. Once we got rolling I was still in danger and watched two pretty good pile ups as we were still bar to bar down the road.
Once we hit dirt we were once again stopped and had to wait for the congestion to clear. Time lost to the first wave by now was at least 5 minutes if not more.
I started doing damage as soon as we hit the next road. Passing groups of 20 at a time. Its funny how slow people go on the road. They get so complacent that they just ride along waiting for the next dirt section. Waiting to race again then. 

Powerline overlooking Lake Superior. Lots of sand.

After settling in the rest of the race went well. I finished 309 after starting mid 800's. I wanted to finish under 2 hours and did. So for a last minute deal it went very well and Im glad I did it.
My standards for a good race are low. So I almost always have a good time.

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Sarah said...

Nice job Dan! Way to change it up! I hope to ride MTB someday also. I've never done it before...