Tuesday, August 14, 2012


As I enjoyed my coffee and strawbarry muffin this morn I was thinking that there cant be many more mornings like this. Sun, no wind. Beautiful. As the tourist season gets closer to a close the park is once again mostly mine. Not to that point yet but I can feel the winds of change. Very nice visit this morn.

Now that the o2s bike race is over (not that I had it planned) my focus is on my cross race coming up on Sept 8th. Planning and more planning. But really, I have about 80% of the plan work already done. Just a few odds and ends... As the time gets closer you will hear more on this from me as it consumes me.

Then.... just two weeks later is Chuammy. So right after my cross race I will decompress a bit, then start planning that. I have booked a nice cottage up in Hayward, off the beaten path to stay. Gonna show up the Wednesday before and take in some northern Wisco bike riding before the race on Saturday. Looking forward to that week. Really, it replaces Interbike which I will not be going to this year. Missing the show is no big deal. Missing Crossvegas is. Bummer.

So it looks like the next month is pretty booked. At least by my standards.
I say bring it on...


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