Friday, August 3, 2012


Another nice visit this morn. I know I say this a million times but Im amazed on how I do this every day for years but am still feeling like its the first time every morn. I stare at how the sun shimmers off the water like I have not seen it for year. And its only been hours.

Not that Im complaining but I only got out for one ride this week. Just too busy. That should change in time. Soon.
I do have some riding to do very soon. Next Thursday, the 9th Im off again on a tour bike for a long 4 or 5 day weekend to Door County. Ironicaly, my tour up north a month ago was only four days. This tour will be longer in both time and miles. But it will be out and back to I won't be that far away. And I hope its less than 100 degrees. And I hope to camp everyday.
More on that later.
This weekend I have a wedding to attend so riding might be a bit down if things dont work out. But Im planning my ride time out around that so will see how that go's. 6 hours would be nice. And possible.
Today I am planning a shorter ride. A few of the guys are heading out on MTB's around noon and I will consider that but most likely will be mid afternoon on a road (or cross) bike when the store is at its slowest.
I have have been using Motorola's Activ computer on my bike. Thats Motorola's answer to Garmin's 500. I will use it for about a week before I make my thoughts public. First reaction is positive. It just might replace my 500.
More on that later also.
Have a good weekend.


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