Friday, August 17, 2012

804am   Its a sailboat.
Another great morning in the books. I had planned on a ride this morning but just wasted too much time getting out of the house and missed my window of opportunity. I have another shot mid afternoon. Hope that will work out better.

On the store front, for some reason sales are rockin'. Maybe the heat of July and early Aug pushed some of this back. As far as temps its pretty comfortable right now. Arm warmers in the morn will be the norm soon. 55 degrees when I left the house.

As in all good bike shop managers, I am now preparing for the big slow down, you need to do this before it hits to be prepared properly. While sales are hot today, it will cool off in a matter of weeks. Things like drawing down inventory to winter levels need to start today. Thats a slow, controlled process. If you stock 5 of something, you need to bring it to 2. You get the idea. All orders are scrutinized several times before submitted.

Its great when the money is rolling in but its a bit busy too. Not that I mind, but soon the store will be on "fall\winter" hours and that just leaves me more time to ride. I am looking forward to that. That happens soon when the kids go back to school.

This weekend will once again have me on the Saturday group ride. Then Sunday its MTB for sure as I will keep the momentum of last weekends woods riding right into the next month of races. 3 races in 4 weeks for me. And the week Im not racing is my cross race here in town.

Im looking forward to the busy month. Heading into my favorite time of the year. Fall has always been the best time to ride around here. Cooler weather bring a change of scenery and I always try to get the most out of it.

Bring that on.
Have a good weekend.


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