Friday, August 31, 2012


Cliff jumping is popular with the collage kids in Marquette. I did not jump.
Miners Falls in Pictured Rocks. Dude standing on bottom for scale.
Quite a bit to write about. Got home late last nite from the mini vacation to Marquette,MI. Several weeks ago when I went there for Ore to Shore I just blew in and out of town so I wanted to go back and hang there a bit to get a feel of whats going on there.
The plan was to stay two days, ride a few times and look around.
Wednesday had us riding the bike path around town, mostly along the lake shore. Very nice. The town was very busy as the kids were coming back for Northern Michigan U.
Which made it easy to spot the best coffee shops and restaurants. Bikes everywhere.

The weather was perfect. Almost better than perfect. After bike riding and eating\drinking we just walked the streets to get a feel of whats going on. Again, it seems all the local establishments were plenty happy the kids were coming back. Most had "help wanted" signs out to gear up for the increase in biz. The second ride was a short one at Marquette Mountain. Awesome MTB loops that I, in fact, rode on a cross bike. So that was a bit limiting and will look forward to coming back and doing those trails up right.

Marquette Mountain trailhead. Still fun on a cross bike.
Thursday had us once again in the coffee shop, then over to a local store to get a tshirt. And the plan was to stop at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the way home (long way).
I was a bit disappointing there. If your not on a boat or backcountry hiking there is only on place to view. We did walk a short mile to see the waterfalls. Plus, all the billboards for this place had Kid Rock's face on it cuz one of his videos was filmed there. That alone should have told me to stay away.
But what we did see was was cool. But not worth the extra 3 or 4 hours we took to see it. I would recommend the boat tour to see it all.

Of course this is a holiday weekend and I plan on a lot of riding. After the three (two for me) day weekend its countdown to cross race on the 8th. It will consume me all week. Half of me is looking forward to it, the other not so much. But once its all set and rolling it is fun.
Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Another great morning. How many more of these can we have? I'll take a million. The beach was, as usual, awesome.

A little more on Lance. Then done.
It seems a lot of people know a lot about Lance. People walking in the store are telling me facts about the guy. Its running rampant. Your either really, really love the guy, or really, really hate him.
I had, and still am having quite the response to my Lance post. The person who has misinformed us the worst is not a person at all. But the media. Field day about something they again know not much about but pay someone to research it for a few hours then report, then move on to another thing they know nothing about.

I think that if you look back to my post, I had some pretty knowledgeable responses that I would not disagree with. But still, would question. Why? Why now? When the Feds could not nail him under there rules they went to an agency that did not need proof to convict. That is why Lance did the right thing by not fighting.  And no, as the media reports, he has not been stripped of his wins. Not yet. But could happen. But I think the UCI might rule that doing that would not be in their best interest. Time will tell.

Read this.

I will say that he probably did this stuff. As everyone else did. But again, never got caught when others did. He is the target cuz he won. As oppose to doping and taking fourth. I guess he was the best at not getting caught. Because he still did not. I hear now Tygart will consider reducing his banishment if he cooperates. Really?
If you want someone to cooperate, first you need to catch him doing something. The other riders got caught in the cookie jar, and "cooperated" . Cant wait till their books come out. Thats going to be a hate fest right there. I'll pass.

But really, this is all mute. Lance did not fight. And in doing so, even if he says not, is admitting guilt. This is not over by a long shot. And thats sad cuz Lance has walked and will have nothing more to do with it. Its the agency's that will keep this going. Its a pretty awesome bandwagon and getting bigger. Moving on.

In six hours I will be on a four hour drive to here to spend a few day of MTB awesomeness.

And maybe a little kayaking here.

And a whole lot of nothing else until I return to the store Friday.


Monday, August 27, 2012

I gatta say that I dont have much to show for this weekend. Did not do the MTB race on Sunday. Or much of anything else for that matter. 

Saturday had me on the normal group ride. I could not decided if I should do this. By riding this I was jeopardizing my race performance for Sunday. Just too big an effort the day before. But at the last minute decided to participate. Weather dudes were calling for rain anyway on Sunday. So I didn't want to not ride Saturday only to ditch a mud race Sunday.

The ride was good. I put in some huge efforts. We took the tougher and longer route which really beats the crap out of me. I was wasted after and was still sore when hitting the sheets at nite. I decided then that Im sleeping in and not racing in the morning. And that turned out to be a good decision as it was raining pretty good when I woke and you all know I hate racing in mud. So I pretty much would have not gone anyway.

Sunday then was a rain day. No riding. Stayed in and watched movies and football. And a bike race. I gatta say one stage of the Colorado race was more exiting than 5 stages of the Tour. This was a very entertaining race to watch in TV. And is now a few steps ahead of Tour of Cali. Good job to all involved.

Now.... next up is a quick mini vacation back up to Marquette, MI, where I races O2S a few weeks ago. I blew in in and out of that place so fast I had no time to look it over. So I leave tomorrow afternoon. Home late Thursday. Bringing my MTB (of course) and the cross bike for some bike path races.
Will spend some time in and around Pictured Rocks. Thats a cool place so Ive been told.

As I said in a post prior, the next month is crazy busy. Business and pleasure both. I am trying to take each event one at a time. So my thought toward my impending cross race will not start until Friday, when Im back from what I hope is a stress reliving few days up in Gods country.

A little more on that stuff tomorrow.


Friday, August 24, 2012

LANCE & An Open Letter to Travis Tygart

I almost never post on current events. But I will here.
By saying "screw you guys, Im going home" Lance has done the right thing. He has decided not to spend millions to defend. In return, he has saved the taxpayers millions in prosecution expenses. But thats not the reason he is not fighting.
He's tired of it. The referee's here suck so he's taking his football and going home.

If he spent the time and money here, and won, who's to say some other agency wont try it again, and again. Every agency of this kind want to be the one to nail Lance. Lance chooses not to fight a one sided battle. So the USADA will find him guilty. By default. Lets look at what this means to him....

First off, he will be suspended from competing in a sport he is retired from. What a bummer. Then, the USADA will strip him from his tour wins. Awards given him by the UCI, in a different county. Really?
Here,s the next argument that coming. USADA says Lance must turn in his yellow jerseys. UCI says nope, he can keep em' since we never caught him doping over here in France. And round and round we go. Again. So now Travis can go after the UCI. Have at it.
Lance has grown weary of this issue and when the USADA lays their weak "guilty" verdict on him he can move on and spend time with his family and foundation. This will all blow up big now. But will go away in time and Lance hopes he can live out the rest of his years in peace.

Unlike two riders that blew the whistle, I believe you will not see a book from Lance trying to make some money on this.


Dear Travis,

Congrats on the win. Im sure your hard work makes this victory worth the time spent. However, your work is not done. Your case against Mr Armstrong had you falling on the open testimony of many riders, some of who is still competing today. Since Mr Armstrong has opted not to fight you must have quite the cashe of funds available to start prosecution of each and every one of those riders. Several of those riders are, like Mr Armstrong, retired. I assume you will be going back to year 1998 with all those riders and doing the same. Looks like you have quite the job security. I look forward to seeing who is next. Because, in fact, it would be wrong to hold Mr Armstrong guilty and those who admitting to doing it with him not guilty. There should be no double standard here. Lots to do. Better get with it.

Keep up the good work,

Do I want the USADA to do this? Of course not. The point here is that Lance was a golden egg and the reward to nail him was high. To do the same to another rider just does not have the "bang" that our taxpayer dollars deserve. In fact, when all at the ASADA stop high five'ing each other they will look around and see no one really cares. With the exception of Landis, Hamilton, Andreau and a few more.

Nothing good for the sport will come of all this. But, like all things will go away in time. And I for one am glad its said and done. Regardless of the fallout for Lance it is over and done with.

Personally, At this point I could care less if he did or didn't. I am not defending him.  All I hear about is no positive tests. 
And thats good enough for me. And I move on to watching Jens Voight nailing a 60+ mile solo break. And I do so not even giving any of this a thought while he's doing it.
And in the long run, is what we all should be doing.
Because we should all just move on from this crap.
And because Jens is awesome.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Better late than never. For some reason I cant keep my life,s schedule. This morn's visit was stellar. As usual.

Just thinking of my upcoming schedule. This Sunday, the 26th is the Green Bay MTB race. Then, since I did not get to spend a lot of time in Marquette will doing Ore 2 Shore, will head back up there late Tuesday, the 28th until Thursday nite, the 30th. Then its Labor Day weekend. Then its the week leading up to my cross race. That will be a busy time. After the race on Saturday, the 8th, I will prep to head up to Hayward, WI on Tuesday the 11th for the Chuammy race on the 15th.
Its going to be a busy next 3 weeks.

I need to stay on my game to keep things rolling. No loose ends.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes the clarity of my cell phone camera (Galaxy S3) surprises me. Nice pic this morn. Again, mornings like this are numbered. Take it all in now.
Im doing that for real.
Yesterday was one of those really busy days that I got nothing done. I started this post at 10am and never got to finish.

This weekend was nice for riding. Saturday group ride was tame due to all the players at Race the Lake or at the MTB National. I guess its just us slow guys left. I got dropped twice but managed to pull myself back in both times. Not sure if thats my fitness talking or the ride was just that much  slower. Whatever. I had a good time.
Sunday was weird.
I loaded the MTB and headed to our local trails. After an hour there I decided to leave my car at the park and ride the MTB home to get my tour bike (Disc Trucker) that was still there since failure to launch a few weeks back. I cant put it on my car due to all the racking and needed to ride it back to the store and today was a good day to do so. I was going to ride it back, which I did, then grab the cross bike and ride that back to the park to get my car. Three different bikes in 80 minutes. Kinda fun. Grabbed Crosspinky from the store after parking the tour bike and proceeded to ride away from a stop sign a few miles in and busted the chain clean off. Not sure how I did that.
 Very seldom does that happen to me. But it did and I had to walk quite a ways back to the store. After a bit I took off my shoes to walk better. I coasted the bike on the downhills.
Then I called my daughter to give me a ride to the park to get my car.

Got the bike in the store in the morn to find the chain is twisted beyond repair and that the (near new Apex) derailleur is bent beyond repair. What the hell?
Again not sure if I miss shifted or what. I do remember not really putting a lot into the peddle stroke when it broke. Maybe I just had it on too much chain cross when I started to peddle. 
Saturday the store next to me paid this guy to hold a street sign. After a while he got bored and just starting walking around downtown. One can never pass up a foto opp with a StormTrooper.


Friday, August 17, 2012

804am   Its a sailboat.
Another great morning in the books. I had planned on a ride this morning but just wasted too much time getting out of the house and missed my window of opportunity. I have another shot mid afternoon. Hope that will work out better.

On the store front, for some reason sales are rockin'. Maybe the heat of July and early Aug pushed some of this back. As far as temps its pretty comfortable right now. Arm warmers in the morn will be the norm soon. 55 degrees when I left the house.

As in all good bike shop managers, I am now preparing for the big slow down, you need to do this before it hits to be prepared properly. While sales are hot today, it will cool off in a matter of weeks. Things like drawing down inventory to winter levels need to start today. Thats a slow, controlled process. If you stock 5 of something, you need to bring it to 2. You get the idea. All orders are scrutinized several times before submitted.

Its great when the money is rolling in but its a bit busy too. Not that I mind, but soon the store will be on "fall\winter" hours and that just leaves me more time to ride. I am looking forward to that. That happens soon when the kids go back to school.

This weekend will once again have me on the Saturday group ride. Then Sunday its MTB for sure as I will keep the momentum of last weekends woods riding right into the next month of races. 3 races in 4 weeks for me. And the week Im not racing is my cross race here in town.

Im looking forward to the busy month. Heading into my favorite time of the year. Fall has always been the best time to ride around here. Cooler weather bring a change of scenery and I always try to get the most out of it.

Bring that on.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rain day. Visit to HP was just a drive thru today. No pics. That kinda day. But when I throw down a pic that I didn't take that day I think Im gonna go back into my archives and re use one Ive use before. Here is one for 2010.

Yesterday I attended Trekworld in Madison which is a show\conference for all Trek dealers. They have some seminars and show all the new bikes. This was now my forth one and in the past I would stay two days but this year was only a few hours. I went I saw. Im not the kind of guy to post every pic of all of Treks new bikes on my blog. I have a store site for that. But I will throw down one thing real quick. No more top end 26in wheel bikes. No more Top Fuels. You wanna race XC? Its going to be on a 29er. After I sell my 2012 demo I'll be on this one.  Cant wait. 
Spent more time on State Street watching the kids move in for school. What parent in their right mind would let their kid live in State Street? Its crazy weird there.
 So that was the reason for no post.
Like I "need" a reason.

Other than that its all cross race stuff. Almost ready to go in that respect.  And of course selling bike stuff in between.



Tuesday, August 14, 2012


As I enjoyed my coffee and strawbarry muffin this morn I was thinking that there cant be many more mornings like this. Sun, no wind. Beautiful. As the tourist season gets closer to a close the park is once again mostly mine. Not to that point yet but I can feel the winds of change. Very nice visit this morn.

Now that the o2s bike race is over (not that I had it planned) my focus is on my cross race coming up on Sept 8th. Planning and more planning. But really, I have about 80% of the plan work already done. Just a few odds and ends... As the time gets closer you will hear more on this from me as it consumes me.

Then.... just two weeks later is Chuammy. So right after my cross race I will decompress a bit, then start planning that. I have booked a nice cottage up in Hayward, off the beaten path to stay. Gonna show up the Wednesday before and take in some northern Wisco bike riding before the race on Saturday. Looking forward to that week. Really, it replaces Interbike which I will not be going to this year. Missing the show is no big deal. Missing Crossvegas is. Bummer.

So it looks like the next month is pretty booked. At least by my standards.
I say bring it on...


Monday, August 13, 2012


How in the hell did I get here?

It was a long drawn out process that will have me start from the beginning. First off, as prior post says, I was fully packed and headed out for a four day tour. Then the all day rain came and I abandoned Thursday, looking for Friday departure. Then, it was hit or miss if I actually found a site that late in the weekend and it looked like hotel was the only way. And I really wanted to tent it.
So then I decided to leave Friday morn in the car, fully loaded to camp and if I didn't find a site I just had a great ride up in Door County and drove home. So that was the plan.

Until I was texted by good friend Jon H that he was up at Ore 2 Shore and that I could pirate his site if I wanted too. I considered it.
Friday morn shines around and I leave heading north. I get to Green Bay where I either turn right to Door County or left to Marquette,WI and Ore 2 Shore.
I turned left.
I lined up around 850ish
I figured why ride alone when I could ride with 1160 others. And with Shuammy coming up I could use the experience. And for God sakes I needed to ride my MTB more. So I took Jon's offer and drove to da UP. I arrived to the campground around 11am eastern.
Friday had me riding way too much a day before a race as this but I could not help it. I needed time on the bike so I rode the course backwards about 7 miles. Twice. 
You could not slap the smile from my face.
The campground was less than two miles from the finish and the course past it just several hundred yards away.
After a great nites sleep on my new Nemo air pad I woke race morning to wondering what the hell to eat and drink pre race. Its been too long since I have dealt with that and was happy to have such a dilemma. After driving the 10 miles to the start I realized I got there a bit too late as I lined up in the mid 800's out of a reported 1160 bikes. I knew I was in trouble when all the riders to the left were wearing t shirts and jeans. Guy to my right was in full down hill amour. I needed to move up fast to avoid any issues. Little did I know that one could have jumped line and started farther up based on estimated finish time. Now they tell me. I could have started 500 bikes sooner.
Live and learn.
At the get go it was slow. The group surged and stopped several times with riders unable to clip out and riders were laying everywhere. Once we got rolling I was still in danger and watched two pretty good pile ups as we were still bar to bar down the road.
Once we hit dirt we were once again stopped and had to wait for the congestion to clear. Time lost to the first wave by now was at least 5 minutes if not more.
I started doing damage as soon as we hit the next road. Passing groups of 20 at a time. Its funny how slow people go on the road. They get so complacent that they just ride along waiting for the next dirt section. Waiting to race again then. 

Powerline overlooking Lake Superior. Lots of sand.

After settling in the rest of the race went well. I finished 309 after starting mid 800's. I wanted to finish under 2 hours and did. So for a last minute deal it went very well and Im glad I did it.
My standards for a good race are low. So I almost always have a good time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Parked with change in plans
So there sits the tour bike. In my garage. Fully packed.
And thats where its going to stay.
Unfortunatly, poor weather and personal issues have me ditching the tour. Woke to a rainy morn and radar says its not going away.
I really wanted to tent this tour but touring with a tent on a bike in the rain is a bummer.
Another issue was the lack of State Park campsites. I called several parks, including my fav Peninsula, only to hear no sites left but a few non-reserve. Those are handed out first come first serve. However, by the time I would get there after peddling all day those sites would be long gone. Next thought would be a private campground. At almost 40 bucks per nite. Then the last option would be hotel with weekend rates well over $100 bucks. I got burned on that one last year.

So the tour is ditched. I was thinking maybe in a few weeks I'll try again. But looking at my schedule its going to be game on for MTB racing soon and that will consume my time on a bike. So the trucker may have to be cleaned up and hung up in the store till next year. At least in tour mode. In the winter I take off the racks and put MTB tires on it to ride on the beach. But thats quite a ways away.
But all is not lost. Since I have the store covered I am thinking about loading up the car with the road and MTB and driving up to Door County tomorrow. Get some riding in. And will bring the camping stuff just in case. If I dont get a site I can just drive home. No biggie. But I could leave early and have a better chance at a site in the Park.
Its not the same as touring but I will still get to my fav park and ride some bikes. Maybe get to camp. So its kinda like doing the same thing but differently.

So the tour is off the table but a weekend out is still game on.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

filefoto. July 4th.
Again, all my attention is toward my impending bike ride. I did have 20 miles of road bike this morn. Awesome temps and sun.

The tour bike is now about 80% packed.

I did plan to leave late today but it looks like first thing in the morn.

I will try to plan ahead a bit. Maybe set a reservation. Thats always been against the rules but with the fiasco last tour seems like the smart thing to do but I just am not sure how far Im going tomorrow. 
Maybe 80 miles? Century? If I want to make it all the way to Washington Island I gatta put in at least 100 tomorrow. The more I think about it, the Island may be too far to be home by Monday. Thats over 70 per day for all four days. Peninsula Park it is. Looks like rain tomorrow.
Son of a....


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TOUR TIME (again)

Turned flash on for effect. Prepping once again.
Today my thoughts are pointed back to touring. Thursday I leave for my second really long bike ride of the year. Prep has already started. Bags are being packed. 
I pretty much will carry the same stuff I had last time. However, I might add some cooler weather clothing. What a contrast to last months tour.
I will never forget July 5th, 2012
Im expecting some cool comfortable days here. Right now its my annual tour of Door County but in the back of my mind I would like to make it to Washington Island and hit up the Red Cup coffee shop. That would depend on how far I go the first day and if I maybe could leave a bit sooner. Not sure I will have the work front squared away to leave sooner. I'll try.
Originally I had planned a lap around Lake Michigan but thats over 10 days long and I just do not have the time for that now. Bucket list.
This will be a nice 4 to 5 day tour. North along the lake. Roads I know real well. Just riding and looking at stuff. No 104 temps to battle. Piece of cake. I borrowed my trusted employee Ben S's Chromebook that runs off of Verison so I hope to have Internet everywhere.
This will be the last tour of the summer for me. 
When I return all thoughts will be on attending a few races to end out the summer. Two or three WORS races and Chaummy is in my future.
I am trying to save the best times for last this summer so I hope I succeed in that. So I have a lot on my plate in the near future.
And I like that.


Monday, August 6, 2012

file foto
Most days I go to the HP out of routine. Just part of my day. Like riding a bike its just what I do.
But some days I go out of necessity.
Today was the latter. And thats all I have to say about that.

Saturday had me on the the group ride and it was good and bad for me. On the way out I did well. Got dropped once but not bad enough that I could not get pulled back in. Even did well on a few hills.
One pretty good hill usually has me off over 100 yards but Saturday it was less than 20 and I got back in in around 30 seconds. Thats good for me.

I put in some good efforts that had me finishing up less than 30 seconds when we got to the restaurant. I was spent. I pretty much emptied the tank and knew on the way home I would not be long for the peloton. And that was the case as I was off in less than 20 minutes after we started for home.
But thats fine by me. 10 miles to go I completely ran out of gas and had to soft peddle it back. A good workout for me. And some nice results on the way out. Maybe I will be ready to race in a few weeks?????

Sunday had me rolling solo for 20 miles. I had the Domane at home so it was nice to not have to drive to the store to ride. The weather was great as all the humidity was gone. I was a bit tired having to attend a family wedding the nite before. Im just not used to staying out late anymore. Im old.

I mentioned a few days ago I just got the Motorola ACTIV and have been using it. Being a Garmin fan since 2005 I am trying to keep an open mind and after a few more rides I will give a full report. It just takes a bit of time to figure stuff like this out and there is things I still have not gotten to yet. But initial reports are good. Time will tell if it replaces my Garmin 500.
If that happens you will be the first to know.


Friday, August 3, 2012


Another nice visit this morn. I know I say this a million times but Im amazed on how I do this every day for years but am still feeling like its the first time every morn. I stare at how the sun shimmers off the water like I have not seen it for year. And its only been hours.

Not that Im complaining but I only got out for one ride this week. Just too busy. That should change in time. Soon.
I do have some riding to do very soon. Next Thursday, the 9th Im off again on a tour bike for a long 4 or 5 day weekend to Door County. Ironicaly, my tour up north a month ago was only four days. This tour will be longer in both time and miles. But it will be out and back to I won't be that far away. And I hope its less than 100 degrees. And I hope to camp everyday.
More on that later.
This weekend I have a wedding to attend so riding might be a bit down if things dont work out. But Im planning my ride time out around that so will see how that go's. 6 hours would be nice. And possible.
Today I am planning a shorter ride. A few of the guys are heading out on MTB's around noon and I will consider that but most likely will be mid afternoon on a road (or cross) bike when the store is at its slowest.
I have have been using Motorola's Activ computer on my bike. Thats Motorola's answer to Garmin's 500. I will use it for about a week before I make my thoughts public. First reaction is positive. It just might replace my 500.
More on that later also.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

file foto. Love this one.
Pink rear cable housing and peace sign hanger
Yesterday I forgot two things to show you. First, to keep Pinky real I did keep some pink. Rear derailer housing. And also want to point out the coolest thing about the bike: the peace sign brake hangers. How cool is that.
Just sayin'

Today's lake pic is from the file. A huge file. I forgot I even had that pic. I really like it. Those were the exact colors. No enhancements.

And yesterday aft I did get to take Pinky on her maiden (in this configuration) voyage.
Everything worked well and I was reminded that a cross bike is still the funnest bike one could own. Loved it. Speaking of...
The cross race is just 4 weeks away(plus two days) and things are going well. All permits and license's have been files. Just need to organize a crew and hope for good weather.

I hope to get out on it again today. In between the rain.

A blast to ride.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whats Your Fav Bike?

Pinky is my favorite bike. Ive had it for ten years. I paid $275.00 for the frame. Not sure what year the bike is. Its a Trek XO1. I just finished a complete makeover. New Sram Apex. New Avid Ultimate's. Dugast tubee's.  This is the best shape this bike has even been in. And its for the fall group rides here in town. Before we are in full winter riding mode there's a time where the ride is about 15% woods and the rest road. Most ride their MTB but at that time I pull out this rocket and make them suffer. Well, almost. I have yet to sit on it but a cross bike is the most fun you can get out of a bike. I cant wait to ride it.
Here it is in tour mode. Rode it around the great State of Wisco in Aug of 08. Had a great time and introduced me to touring. At the time I pulled a Burley Nomad but now Im all panniers. At this time the bike boasted a 10 or so year old 3x9 drive line that had almost 10 thousand miles on it. I came from my first road bike back in 1999. I got my moneys worth out of that. I have since put those parts on a used bike and sold it.
Just before I opened the store. Here Pinky is in SS mode. In my HP. It was not this way for long. And after I opened the store it sat in the basement for quite some time. The crank is the 10 year old from prior configuration. Just minimized. Home made spacers on the rear with a ring off the cassette. Good stuff.
For quite a while I used Pinky as a winter only bike. Here in classic winter form. Still the 10 year old driveline all put back together as you never want to run good stuff in winter. Beach riding get sand everywhere.
Here is winter mode 2011 (last year). I added the pink seat and post. You cant tell but those are studded tires. Last winter I rode the Long Haul Trucker most of the winter but kept Pinky for all the real icy days. This is pretty much what it looked like just before the current condition. It had a 1x10 drive line. Perfect for winter biking. New 105 levers and cassette. Cheap SS crank.

In a world where Im riding new bikes constantly Pinky is the only bike I can really call my own. I will never sell it. If I dont use it it will hang in my garage until the day I die.