Thursday, July 26, 2012


My buddy. Got too close with the camera. Rookie mistake.

So I made the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Group Ride (WNWSGR) for the first time in quite a while. I believe this is only the third of the summer. Had an unexpected rider on one of the bikes. By the size I guess its a female and she held on for about 5 miles before she decided that it was time to go.
I only lasted a few more miles than her.
27 minutes to be exact. But that was my decision, not the groups. The group was great waiting for me after the first climb but it was after that effort that I decided to pull the plug early. I had, what they would call in the tour as a "stomach ailment".
I really did not feel well after the first hard effort and decided if I were to continue would be just putting off the solo inevitable. So I pulled and solo'ed 20 miles.
I really had no idea it was that hot. Almost 100 at ride time. Some days I get to the store at 830am and dont even peek outside till I leave at 7pm.
So as I prepped for the ride around 4pm I was not aware. Until I walked out of the store and as usual running late.
I did not get to eat or drink all day. And knew in the back of my mind this was going to be a short group ride for me. I need to be at 110% to be in this game and no way at 100 degrees was I going to get there. Maybe I did the smart thing by backing off my effort. Live to fight another day. I was not bummed. I had a nice ride. Just over an hour.

I have decided to not get a new cross bike. That means that Pinky will once again get the call. It was in the basement in 1 by 9 mode from winter configuration a last year. I will stick some money into her and its starting with full SRAM Apex. Then it will be deciding what wheels to run. I do have a pair of Easton EC 90 tubeies to run. I dont like running tubular for goofing off riding. But Ive done it before. Its crazy how fast cross gets on peoples minds after the Tour.

Mine included.


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