Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Just rained a ton. 825am

So today is D day for me. Very short HP visit right after a big rain came thru. All thoughts are on three things. 1) Pack my bike 2) Pack my stuff for Secret Training Camp. 3) Pack the store with at least 10 days of stuff.

So here is the Trucker. Almost fully loaded. Tent and sleeping garb is in. Just need to add clothing and some personal stuff. I leave tomorrow morn. I am a bit nervous about the heat. I might have to ride as early as I can and Im not opposed to getting a room if I have to. I have yet to set my route to end up in Eagle River\St Germain, WI.  First nite will be at my Moms in Depere. Thats a 71 mile ride for day one. Day two might be about the same mileage. Not sure. Depends on how hot it gets. I will just slow down if I have to.
At first I was not going to bring a computer. The android phone is really all one would need but I changed my mind and grabbed the netbook. I can tether it to my phone for online fun. So for the next few days posts will be at night. After Im settled in to where ever I am settling in to.
For clothes I have four kits w\socks. Then a pair of sandals and one pair of shorts and tshirt for when Im not riding. Two tubes. Minimal tools. Just a Park multitool. I will carry four bottles. Two in the insulated cages and two in the rear bag. I wont pass a mini mart without filling up. Always some sports drink with electrolites. I will have two iPods along. Bar bag full of snacks. Chargers for everything including my Garmin.

Its not like I have not done this before but I do get a little nervous before I leave. Once on the road Im fine. As far as tours go this is not a long one. 240 miles. This is a bit of a practice as I want to keep my touring skills sharp as I have a tour around Lake Michigan in the back of my mind late Aug. That one will be 1000 miles! First things first. Worry bout that one later.
My knee is doing fine. Its incredible but I don't even think about it anymore. Knock on wood.

So I better get to it. Lot to do today. I should be able to post about day one tomorrow nite.


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Holepuncher said...

Good luck ! May the wind be always at your back! And stay safe Dano.