Thursday, July 12, 2012


Its Thursday today and Im double posting having just finished day two's post and now am on real time with day three and four. Read day two below if you like. Just posted it also. Sitting at the coffee shop in St Germaine. Its tough to get here on a regular basis to post and that fine by me. After being gone all day riding the last thing I want to do is jump in the car and drive to the coffee shop.

But today (Thurs) Im not going to ride a whole lot. Just maybe a little road ride. Yesterday had me on the longest ride to date (at the cabin) with a little over four hours and about 60 miles of pretty goof effort. Every year when I show up here for this I try to get about 15 hours on the bike but with the ride up here I just stop counting. Im feeling it now towards the end of the week. 
And plan on cutting back a bit for the last two days here. I come back home Saturday aft. Thats a full 10 days since I left town on my bike. Feels like a year ago. I kinda wanna go home.
Yesterday ride was a nice one as I found a new route to Eagle River and back. Going to from the south and coming back from the north. Again, a 60 miles loop that I will be doing again next year for sure. Today, I had planned a MTB ride back to the Raven trails but I woke to a flat on the Superfly and just dont want to mess with it today since its tubeless. So back on the Domane for a nice 25 miles sight see recovery ride. I'll deal with that tire tomorrow.

This is most likely my last post from up here as its a pain to get to some Internet. Theres no doubt I will return home Saturday with a bit more fitness. And thats all I can hope for.

I will spend the next couple days with small rides and hammock testing. I noticed the amount of eagles around the cabin has doubled. I found three active nests without even looking. One less than 100 years from the cabin and I can hear the young'uns call for mom all the time.

While this time off work and increased riding is what I need, I do miss coffee in the HP in the morn.

Talk to ya when Im home.



Sarah said...

It sounds like you had a really nice time! I love that area. It's just beautiful.

By the way, if we're in Sheboygan, which bike shop is yours? I've had my eyes out for a new road bike, but haven't found anything yet.

Thanks & have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, Now you are just sho'in off.

Dan Dittrich said...

Sarah, you can click on store logo on side bar!