Friday, July 27, 2012



Got a late start today. Not sure why I overslept. I guess I don't need a reason to do that. I just can. HP was in prime form today. Here's your token pic.
Since the store does not open till 10am one would think that I would have a plethora of activities done by then. Heck, I don't even need to be here by 10. When the store is staffed anytime before noon would work. So one would think it would be game on.
Im almost ashamed to say its not. Here we are the end of July and I maybe rode my bike three times before work this summer. That's nuts!
I am disappointed in myself.

Its not too late. I can easily get 8 hours a week in before the store opens. Easy.
And starting next week will make a conscious effort to do so. Before I head home I will prep the bike of choice. In fact prep two in case I change my mind. In fact, I should make it a thing to have the guys prep ALL my bikes before they leave to minimise my excuse list.
I will ditch the drive over to my HP and make it a ride. Coffee will have to wait till I get back. (is that even possible?)

I remember when I lost a bunch a weight 4 years ago one of the main things that caused that was the fact that I rode early in the morn. Right after I woke. And I rode pretty hard. And did so before I ate anything. On an empty stomach
Thats the plan for the next month. Lets see where that takes me.

My fitness is returning. Step two is weight loss.
Im looking at about 6 to 8 hours in the saddle this weekend.

Have a good weekend. Weather look pretty good.


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