Thursday, July 12, 2012

STC Day Two

I could have done this. I just chose not to.
STC day two had me at the Raven trails just outside of Minocqua,WI.
These trails have been CC ski trail forever and is State owned. Recently there has been a ton of single track being build here along with a ton of wooden structures like these rails and teeter todders.

Besides all the cool wood stuff there is a ton of new single cut in and around the ski trail. This single track is slow and technical. Really gives you sense of balance a run for its money. Very slow twisty turny stuff.
I didnt mind the lack of flow as my skills need a shot in the arm anyway but I can say that its not a place for a 29'er for sure.

But when you get tired if the slow going or are tired of falling down, unlike our state system back home you can still ride the ski trails and actually need them to get back to the lot as you never really know where the hell you are unless you hit up the ski trail until you find a map.

The single is marked but unmapped. So getting lost is half the fun. I was glad to hit up the MTB as I felt the skills returning after an hour or so.

I did not try my luck on any wooden stuff. And there is a ton of it. Saw a bunch of kids on BMX bikes nailing them.

Two hours in the woods for day two.


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Sarah said...

I would die. The end. ;)