Monday, July 9, 2012

STC (day one)

Sayner, WI.  1230pm. And a smudge on my lens.

Northern Wisco roads rule! 230pm
Day one of Secret Training Camp in the books. 
After a day of rest on Sunday from the tour I grabbed the Domane for some scenic riding in the north woods. The road bike felt so strange to me after riding a 100 pound bike over 20 hours over the last four days.

On a tour bike you ride different. No accelerations. No intervals. You just set your cadence and peddle. It took me at least a half an hour to change that up on the road bike.
Todays ride was about three hours and 45 miles in some of the prettiest roads in Wisco. Todays route is one I do every time Im here. Usually first thing. 

Tomorrow for day two I will finally ditch the road for the Superfly. I need to get things going with that bike as I have some racing to do soon with it. So I'll have to start riding it more and thats not a problem at all.
Tomorrow I will hit up the Raven trails near Minaqua.

I usually come home from Secret Training Camp (STC) with a little more bike fitness than when I left and with the tour up here Im already feeling it. That 45 miles today felt like a ride around the block compared to the last week.

When not riding, Im usually hanging with the Fam with my feet up. Having morning coffee on the deck looking out on the lake. 

Its all part of the experience of secret Training camp. And I like it.


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