Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sunday. Nice solo ride.

With all the solo riding I do its hard to tell if Im feeling better on the bike. I do not have a powertap or even wear a HR monitor. I do not measure my performance in any way shape or form. Really, the only gauge I have is riding with others. Group rides and the such.

Sunday I waited to see if anybody called something out. No call outs so solo it is. Once again its road bike. Once again neglecting the Superly. I need to stop that. Soon it will be the bike of choice. Soon.
I had a great 50 mile ride with me, myself and iPod. I thank Steve Jobs everyday for that music player. No way could I do this without it. However I did not use it once when touring up north. 20 plus hours of riding and it stayed in the handlebar bag. One kinda has to concentrate a bit when your on a state hiway and semi's are blasting 60mph about four feet from you. That definitely gets your attention.
But not today. It was a nice ride along the shores of Lake Michigan. Its a route we dont do till later in the summer when its hot. Early spring has us trying to get away from the cold lake. Warm days has us riding next to it and thats what I did. Its one of my fav summer routes. Quiet roads for the most part. Again, the legs felt good due to the effort of the day before. I even threw in a couple intervels. Nothing fancy tho. Heart rate up.

Change that tube... at some point today? Saturday.
Saturday had me on the group breakfast ride. I was hoping to be able to make this one as I was a bit curious as to my fitness gain with all the touring and Secret Training Camp and all. And the initial reports are good. I felt pretty good all day and only got dropped once and that was on a pretty long hill and was to be expected.

Several times a month we get a flat in the group. And its been tradition to watch the person change out their tube while the rest of the group heckles them. Complaining of their lack of efficiency and asking them if they need to call their wife to help them, etc. You know the drill. Today the dude only had half the group there. He was lucky. This time. Usually I take this time to get a head start on some hills. Not today. My increased fitness allowed me to stay and join in the fun.

Other than that I was in the game pretty much more than usual and thats promising to me. I hope to keep things rolling in that respect. While my weight will always hold me back I can feel the legs working better under strain.

Nowadays Im looking for 10 hours during the week and 6 on the weekend. The weekend is not a problem. Its during the week that I need to take advantage of every opportunity.

And Im going to do that for real. Once you get this type of thing rolling you cant lose it.


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