Friday, July 6, 2012


I love riding in the northwoods.

Today was a much better. But first a little more about yesterday.

As I thought more about that day, I was supreised on how well I took the heat. Really, I handled that very well. It was poor planning, due to the weather, that was my mistake. I knew I needed a room.

But I rode in that heat about as best as I could. As I pulled into Eagle River, I counted 21 bottles of Gaterade G4. The 32 once bottles. You can do the math. I only used 2 bottles the first day. The rest in the last two. Im kinda pumped that I rode during, and beat the hottest heat wave since 1995.

Made it. 238 miles and three days.

Back to today. Very nice 72 miles. Cooler temps. And I reserved a room BEFORE I left the crappy hotel this morn. So no mental breakdowns.  I rode to Eagle River knowing I was covered. Stress free miles.

Funny story: I was riding north of Laona, WI on Hwy32 and noticed a girl jogging tword me on the same side of the road. As I passed, she stopped running and cheered me on like a WORS race. If she had a cowbell she would have been ringing it! I noticed I increased my speed from 12 to 18mph without thinking about it. Made my day.

Kind of a bummer that I left the camping gear behind. Tonite would have been a nice nite to tent it. And it would have saved me a hundred bucks due to weekend rates in Eagle River. But Im in a nice room and will consider it a well deserved rest. Might hit the pool later. It is, after all my vacation.

As I mentioned before, I love riding up in the north. Once you cross north of Hwy 8 the senery changes to lakes and woods. My head was on a swivel for the last 30 miles.

 For all practical purpose, my tour is done. Tomorrow I will ride the 25 miles over to out cabin and wait for the rest of the family to show up later in the afternoon.
Then, I put away the tour bike and spend another week up here riding the Domane and Superfly that will arrive with the Fam. So the tour portion is over but my "Secret Training Camp" starts. I have another week of riding up here to go!

So this was not the longest or the farthest tour I have ever done but I will not forget it. I toured the historic heat wave of 2012!

Im off the bike Sunday and plan on a lot of hammock time. I will start riding again on Monday as that will be training day one. So Im resting up till then. And just want to say thanks to all the positive comments the last few days. I read every one twice. Hope you all have as good as weekend as I will.




Holepuncher said...

Thanks Dano I just got goose bumps reading this! WTG I salute you!

Anonymous said...

Great riding and reporting. Have a great training camp!
Jim H.

Scott said...

Way to persevere Dano! Our bodies are capable of much more than our minds know sometimes.