Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Made it. 145pm
Today I left home around 8am with Steve D and Alex P in tow. I was hoping to get pulled a little and I did get some relief a few miles into this stage. It was hot but not terrible hot as some cloud cover helped in that regard. The guys pulled me to about miles 17 and that was when I found myself solo.

Then that's when all the thoughts start. Did I pack too much? Is the bike too heavy? Is it weighted correctly front to back? It felt way too heavy but really all I could do is lose maybe three pounds total. The first 20 miles of a tour is the worst. You here all the small noises the bike makes. I always seem a bit stressed.

After 30 or so miles I settled in to a nice pace and just peddled. Around mile 40 the heat got turned up and the sun came out and beat me down. Mile 45 I pulled into a mini mart for a much needed break. The second I stopped moving the sweat poured out of me. I tossed back a Gaterade and took another along as both my bottles were empty. I took my gloves off to ride cooler.  I did feel a bit better after the 15 min break and ran some steady miles. By mile 60 the heat was way up, garmin said 97 degrees, and I was starting to feel it. By mile 65 I ran out of liquid and a small panic started to rise but I did this route before and I knew I was not far off. Ten miles or a bit more. I just put my head down and nailed those final miles out

I rolled into my moms at mile 77, about the time i expected and proceeded to take a nap. At least I was trying to as a million cramps hit me over the next two hours. I was sore and wiped out but felt better when the cramps stopped around 5pm

As I type here Im watching the news up here in Green Bay and its calling for near 100 degrees west, the direction Im headed. I am considering pulling the plug on this. Not sure if I can continue without hurting myself.
If I do continue, I for sure will be getting a room the next few nites to get some relief and rest. I will leave all my backpacking and camping stuff here by my mom and get it on the way back in 10 days (in a car). So if I continue I will have half the stuff I had today. Im kinda bummed that this heat's timing is bad for me. I was looking so forward to a successful tour.

Still, Im sure continuing is not the best idea I have had but if Im careful maybe not the worst. Im setting two routes for stage two, one at 50 miles and one for 70. Both final destinations will have ample rooms available. I believe I could do the 70 if I stop every 25 miles or so. But 100 degrees? Well, it was 97 today for my last 30 miles.
I will make the call in the morn.
See how I feel then.



Ben said...

Hang in there, ride safe. You might simply not be able to afford to ride in this heat, really, because you'll need $30 of gatorade each day. It adds up! :-)

Anonymous said...

I will be very dissappointed in you if you decide to wuss out. Drink plenty of liquids and ride slow/comfortable. Quitting is not the answer. Sounds like one of your weight loss adventures. See it thru the end.

Anonymous said...

I will not be disapointed in you if you decide to ride safe. There is nothing to be gained by heat exhaustion.

Dan Dittrich said...

Not a weight loss adventure. Just a regular adventure.