Saturday, July 7, 2012


Starting out Wednesday. About 210 miles to go.

The cockpit.

Water on a 104 degree day.

Just a couple of pics. More to come later. Today, Saturday morn, I can be a little lazy as I dont need to be at the cabin until about 2pm to meet the Fam. Thats only about 25 miles away but I have decided to take the long way and ride about 10 extra miles to use a scenic route.

The pic above was a wayside I stopped at on what I could call Black Thursday. It was like a oasis in the dessert. A natural spring feed the water and I spent quite some time here. Maybe too long. While I told the story about going 80+ miles in the heat, I forgot to mention that my average MPH was under 10. So that day I pedaled over 8 hours to do it. Thats more than some weeks for me! I wonder what my weight is today. i really have not been eating a  lot. With all the drinking I never really felt very hungry. Couple time I just grabbed a Honey Stinger bar on the fly.

Right now Im relaxing in a nice hotel in Eagle River, watching the tour and taking my time.
Looking forward to riding the 15 pound Domane as opposed to the fully loading 100 pound Disc Trucker.
I think I will notice the difference.
Looking forward to riding Monday.


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