Wednesday, July 25, 2012


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Its weird how I have this morning routine. But Im not the only one. During said routine I see the same people doing the same thing while Im doing the same thing. Some people walking their dog, running or whatever. Im sure they think the same thing when they see me every morning.  Doing the same thing.

So when you think of my HP you for sure think of the lake cuz thats all I usually show. But there is much more about this place to see. Huge sand dunes cover the lake front from one side of the park to the other and is really the main attraction here. There is only a few spots along the Wisconsin shoreline that have this. Kinda cool. Fun to walk barefoot in. You get a good workout in.

Speaking of good workout, I once again am planning to attend the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Group Ride tonite. Was looking for a morning ride today but its actually raining. Which, to me, means that I have to cut my grass sometime before the end of July.
Anyway, tonites ride is what some would call a "beat down" or the "gun show". Its the fastest and fittest riders in the county getting together to show off their stuff. Its about 20 riders or so, depending on the weather and you could take the current value of all the bikes and buy a pretty nice house with it.
I go into it knowing its going to hurt. I expect to be dropped. On a good day I might get pulled back in once, maybe twice but that's about it. And I know that going in. But what does not kill you makes you stronger.
In the past, I have lasted on this ride less than 30 minutes. For real. I know Im riding solo at some point but I would sure like to get at least an hour, or about halfway. Once the group turns and is heading back to the lot its just a matter of minutes before its game on and every rider for themselves.
Again, Im not complaining. I might a little after a terrible showing. Maybe feel sorry for myself a bit. But also, like having a good race, feel a bit of accomplishment if I can hang on longer than expected. Really, I treat this ride as I do any race.

I guess I'll leave ya with a pic from today since the one above was from the "file".

I would feel right if I didn't. My new phone takes great pics.


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