Tuesday, July 17, 2012


keepin cool

Its been a hot summer so far. Saw these guys doing there best to cool off. Took this pic on the hot Thursday that I was touring. At the time the Garmin said 104 degrees.

As far as touring go's I had planned to go around Lake Michigan in August. That has been shelved as I just cant be away another 10+ days this summer. So the plan is to tour Door County again. Its a great stand by with good roads, places to go and my second HP. Nice riding up the Michigan shoreline. Nice easy 70 miles (with sight seeing) per day for 4 days. Tent camping. Rent kayaks for an afternoon. Its a good time.

So Im looking at another 4 to 5 days for touring about a month away.

Im almost caught up here at the store. I come in expecting the worst and get pleasantly surprised when its not that bad. Catching up on bills today. Always a fun time.

The heat should be gone by tomorrow morn and I plan on a morning ride to open up the legs to attend the Wednesday Nite Worlds Group Ride. Funny how I gatta prep like a race to do the local social ride. But thats how things are in these parts.

Its all about performance.


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