Monday, July 30, 2012


Another pretty good riding weekend in the books. Saturday had me rolling with the group ride at least until I had to "flippit" and get back to the store for work.

While the saddle time was good this weekend, I made up for an almost perfect summer. Up until Friday I was pitching a no hitter this summer in regards to flats. I had none.

Actually it was during a two hour ride Thursday my rear tire went down. First time. And it was no biggie as I was just 15 minute from home so one CO2 filled it and I made it back no prob. While I did lose air I did not count that as I did not have to change the tube on the street. In fact, I did not change it till Friday. And when I did I had a gunshot explosion. Another tube in the garbage. Good thing I dont pay retail.  And noticed I had a huge cut on the tire that I could not really see unless it was aired up. Bummer. Tire in the garbage. 
So I looked around the store for a replacement but since I was running a 25c I did not have one in my personal bike stuff pile. So I did something I almost never do.
I walked out on the floor and grabbed a set of Conti 4000s's. I never grab stuff off the floor for myself. If I like something I might order it later but never off the floor.
But I had a lot of time in the saddle planned this weekend, and I can replace them later so I did it. I prefer 25's but these were of course 23's. Whatever. I just wanted to ride.
So I make the change and am having a great group ride Saturday, I was in the game. The whole time. Even pulling. Then, to my dismay. Another flat. On a tire thats got 30 miles on it. I am just imagining another cut. Thinking that Im out over a hundred bucks of tires and tubes in two days. So I change it and cant find anything wrong. Nothing.
After I got back to the store I took it apart and looked again. Nothing. 
Those flats are the worst as you never know what the hell happened. And you expect it to happen again anytime. It didnt. 
Sunday was an awesome (with no tire issues). It was one of those rides where you stop a lot to look at stuff. Sun was out. Heat was down. iPod was on.
About 7 hours total this weekend. Everything is on schedule.
If I had a schedule. Which I dont. But if I did.


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