Monday, July 16, 2012



Home after gone 11 days. Many after thoughts. Tons. Too many to write about. I think it was a bit too long for my liking. Today was my first HP visit in 15 days. Actually the second as I rode thru it yesterday on the Domane.  A million people there. Rangers were turning cars away as the park had no empty parking spots left anywhere.
But this morn it was fairly empty. It was not a long visit as I had yet to get to the store. I can only imagine what my desk looked like having been gone so long.
It was not that bad.

So, Im back to my old routine and thats fine by me. I was getting a bit homesick.
Couple thoughts on the tour up there.
1) The Disc Trucker performed. The disk brakes worked great and dont know how I did it without them before. For the price you cannot beat Surly's Truckers for touring. You can buy an expensive tour bike, but its not going to be that much better. Just a little.
For the record, I put on an entire Sram Apex group on it. Not the first choice for touring and you want to go simple but the ratio's of a compact chain ring and 32 tooth cassette worked out great. I could climb anything with that 100 pound rig. Slow... but no walking. Some climbs were pretty long. In granny gear I was going so slow that it was hard to balance the bike. But I never had to get off. I think I will not sell that bike. Its a keeper.

2) My secret training camp went well. Overall I always try to get at least 15 hours in the saddle during that week and I might have fell a little short during that time period but the 20 some hours riding up there hurt the camp effort a bit. Still, for the 5 days I was at the cabin I did get in over 10 hours easy. So that put my 10 day total over 30 hours. Like 34 or 35.
3) Im definitely in better shape on the bike than before I left. I can feel it. Now, I just gatta hold on to it. With Shuammy and Iceman this fall I need to keep this rolling and will try hard to do so. Weight? Did not lose a pound. For real. My eating habits at the cabin is what you would expect when on vacation. I expected that.

4) One thing I did learn riding up north thru the heat is that the sports drinks really do make a difference. I dont know how far I would have gotten on just water. I drank eight 32 ounce bottles of Gatorade on hot Thursday alone. I didn't eat that day until I was done. 8 hours in the saddle. No food. Just the Gatorade. It really kept me going.
Im a big fan now.

So all in all it was a great tour\training camp\vacation.
I'll do it again someday.


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Anonymous said...

Nice Work Dano!
I miss my bike.