Monday, July 2, 2012

Prints of a million feet. 815am
Still lovin the Accent.
Just winding down from a pretty good weekend. Rode my bike thru the HP Sunday to see about a million people there. The dog days of summer have me there, but hiding in other spots in the park. And thats just fine by me. This morns visit was short as I had to get back to the store to get a jump on things as I am there two more days, then gone for ten.

Saturday morn I joined the group ride and worked my ass off. I got pulled back in at least three times and they waited for me at least three more. And I thanked them. These rides are hard for me and thats a good thing. I wish I could do all of them. Its hard for me to ride till I puke when Im alone. When done I was sore. But in a good way. 
Sunday I had a double day as I rode with my wife for about two hours in the morn, then another two in the late afternoon solo. I noticed that my legs were feeling pretty good in the afternoon. I was solo'ing 22mph for quite some time on the Domane. For some reason I felt great on the bike. Wish I could feel that good more. Must have been a combo of the hard effort the day before and the easy spin in the morn. 

Today starts my whirlwind two days prepping everything for my bike trip. Or Tour as its called. Plans are coming together quickly. Bike is ready, starting to pack it. Collecting all my stuff. Then, I have to pack all my regular stuff for the Fam to bring up on Saturday. Including my bikes of choice which will be the Domane and Superfly. No cross bike this year.
After I ride up north and meet the Fam on Saturday will start my week that I call "Secret Training Camp". Its a week long vacation that we have been dong for over 20 years. I just turned it into a ride camp for me. In the past, I always looked for at least 15 hours up there during that week but I will have way more than that just riding up there ( I mean touring up there). Once up in northern Wisco the road riding is superb. Beautiful roads with small lakes around every corner. Low traffic. I cant wait. MTB'ing is good to with several trail systems just a short drive away. The cabin we stay at is between Sayner and St Germiane. Pretty much the center of all the best riding. I always hoped that after this week my fitness will be back for the rest of the summer and thats a possibility this your...

So today I will be in the store for at least 10 hours. Trying to work ahead a bit. Im stressed out a little but as all my tasks are completed one by one I will start feeling better. Originally I wanted to leave tomorrow but its going to be Wednesday morn. That way I might be able to find a buddy to ride the first 20 or so miles with me. So I leave around 8am Wednesday, July 4th.. And it will be about a 240 miles peddle to the cabin. Tomorrow I will feature the tour bike a bit. Its a Surly Disc Trucker and I just love it. But if you read this blog a lot you already knew that.

Id better get ordering bike stuff.
Time to work.


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