Friday, July 20, 2012

Great start to the day. Nice visit to the HP. Once I hit the bench I thought how nice it was that the humidity is gone and thought a bike ride would be good. So off to the store to grab the Domane and I ran off 30 miles in about two hours. Felt great.
Pics are with my new phone and I think they look great. But I could have used a bit more zoom for the crane pic.

The bike is already on the car to hit up the group ride Saturday morn.
And I think I might attend one of the Superweek races this weekend.

And I wanna ride my bike some more on Sunday too.

So there. Short and sweet.
Have a good weekend.



rlove2bike said...

New stuff peaks the interest. A person might even brave the heat to ride that!

Thanks for posting up Dano.

Sarah said...

That bike is GORGEOUS! What my husband wouldn't do to get his hands on that! (He has a Cannondale R6 that he's itching to upgrade. He wants something newer. Me too as I have a Trek 1000C.)