Monday, June 18, 2012

We burn furniture. Check your living room.
The grad trying to put out grass fire out side the fire ring.
This long weekend came and gone in a flash. It pretty much started Friday morn with the gathering of tents and stuff and ended this morn with the returning of the tents and stuff.

In between was a high school grad party that was bigger than some weddings Ive been to.

Really, things went well and everybody was well behaved. And I'm glad that's over.

Preparing food and beverage for almost 300. But per my calculations we had about 140 show. Not disappointed at all.
I did get out on the bike for about an hour and a half on Saturday morn. That was nice. I hoped to repeat Sunday morn but did not make that work. Since it was Fathers Day I just did nothing all day. Unless you count picking up the yard, taking down tents and putting out all the small fires around the yard. I was moving pretty slow and this morn moving even a bit slower as the lack of sleep usually does not hit me for a day or two. And having been pretty much out of the store since Friday morn has my desk filled with crap to do.  And me with no ambition.

The bouncy house was a hit.

So really the last month has been geared toward this event and now I can get on with my summer and my life back to its boring day to day events.
Today was a brief visit to the HP and was the first time there since last Thursday.
It didn't change much.
Might hope for a ride this noon but its kinda windy so I might work ahead to set up tomorrow.
Back to bike stuff.....


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