Monday, June 11, 2012


Taking a break.

I do have more to say about the awful weekend we all just went thru. Im actually working on a pretty big post chronicling all my thoughts. In a day or two.  I really want to talk about something fun to break things up this morn so its the rest of the scoup on Washington Island today. 

This Island has been a vacation spot for years. The amount of "summer only" residents and retired people here are high.
Time and life just slows down here. All the permanent residents wave to you as you ride by. Not just a few. ALL of them. Its like you went back in time to the 50's. No one is checking facebook on their iPhones. Since we were their in the middle of the week the traffic was non existent. Really, by bike is the only way to go around here.
Approaching the island
One of the parks had these fossils. Very cool.
I had the Trucker along. Had to remove the front rack to get it on top of the car but that was just fine. You can ride around the entire island, hitting every corner, see all the parks and landmarks with putting on less than 30 miles.
The only way to get there is a ferry service. Its was 52 bucks round trip for us. It takes about 35 minutes per trip. All the locals stay in their car and read. Tourist like us get out and walk around.
Ride home had us sharing the boat with a gasoline tanker.

Its not like there is a lot to do there. Its not a resort. Definitely would have issues if I did not bring a bike. But why would you not? Its a place to go just to relax. Everyone there is laid back and relaxing. The coffee shop was full every morn. People were relaxing. Everywhere you look people were relaxing. No cell phones were ringing. I left mine in the cabin.
We just rode from park to park. Beach to beach. And to the coffee shops.
This would not be a week long thing, but perfect for a weekend or mid week mini getaway.

I will do this again. Not this year anymore. But someday. We did have plans to hit up Rock Island State Park. Yet another island beyond Washington. Yet another ferry ride. However, no cars or bikes allowed there. All by foot only. So we still have a reason to go back.
And we will.


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