Tuesday, June 5, 2012


815am Packed and ready to go.
Its time for a much needed mini vacation. Im out till Friday. I have been in the store pretty much everyday since  the first week of January. And I can feel every bit of that. 
Today's HP visit was short and sweet. Sun and warm breeze.  Even with the wind off the lake. When the lake breeze loses its punch its officially summer here. No more riding west to get out of the cold.

Im packing the Trucker to ride around. I had to take the front rack off cuz it would not fit in the car rack. Bummer but only four bolts needed for removal.

Me and the Mrs are headed to Washington Island off the tip of Door County, Wisco. Its only a two plus hour drive. However, after she gets off of work we have about 3 hours to make the two and a half hour drive to get to the last ferry crossing of the day so there is a potential for disaster here.
I like the excitement of living on the edge.
So the car is packed and at around 245pm I will be zooming 75mph north.

Just in the store till about noon taking care of some loose ends. For the most part I just told my three guys to "handle it" and discuss work shifts amongst themselves. I had very little input. I plan on forgetting I own a bike store for a few days.
On tap is, and not in any order is as follows: Bike riding, hiking, restaurant going, kayaking and napping.
We originally planed on tenting at the campground but opted for renting one of the campgrounds new little cabins. Its has limited water and electricity but thats about it. So its like a glorified tent. Should be cool.

Weather looks auwsome. Im pumped.
So this is it till Friday.
Peace out.


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