Friday, June 15, 2012

Not much to say today. Riding will be at a minimum this weekend despite the awesome weather. Saturday is my youngest daughters Grad party at the homestead.
Today will consist of picking up rented tents and setting up.
Picking up bouncy castle house and setting up.
Ice, coolers, drinks and food for almost 300.
God help me.
Small road ride Sunday morn to unwind.
Have a good weekend.



Sarah said...

Hoping you can sneak in that ride! Looks like I'm in the same boat; super busy this weekend. And I'm itching to saddle up...


Anonymous said...

I wasn't invited? signed: The original mean guy.

Dan Dittrich said...

Thx Sarah. I thought original mean guy was going to sign in as to not get confused with Mean Guy #2?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your music video of the week. Flock of Seagulls! Coolness music and Hair do's abound.