Friday, June 1, 2012


145pm Yesterday
 Yesterday I finally got out of the store for awhile and took that time to put in a few miles on the stores new Moonlander, which is a bigger version of the Pugsley.
Bigger wheels and tires. When put next to the Pug, makes it look kinda small.
But when is big too big.
Maybe never, but first impression might have me liking the Pug better. While the bigger shoes made for a better ride in the sand, it was not a huge diffidence from the Pug, but noticeable.
What I did notice a ton was the huge resistance on the road. I know, this is not a bike made for the road whatsoever. Neither is the Pug. But the fact is I have about a 4 mile road ride to and from the beach. And with the Pug I could lay down 15mph pretty much all the way there and back.
This thing had me struggling with 11mph. 12 max. The wheels are not only bigger but tread pattern has this bike a bit tough for me to get to and from the beach.  Again, I understand that was not what Surly had in mind when designing the bike.
But even in the woods I was way more nimble on the Pug. I can take the Pug on a "normal" MTB ride. The Moonlander would take quite a bit more effort to do that.

End of line. No riding on State land. Bummer.
True, the bigger tires did work a bit better in the sand. But not a ton better than the Pug. Just a little. And thats what its purpose in life is anyway. In that regards it performs better than the Pug. But if Im looking for a all around fat tire bike to do it all, Im leaning toward the Pug right now.

Im not ditching the Moonlander by any means. I think I will look for another tire combo to help out with rolling resistance. There's a few option out there.

And who knows, maybe I will embrace the increased resistance and use it for good and not evil. I always said if you want to train for fitness you should do so on a Pug, or Moonlander. Twice the heart rate with half the miles per hour. Think about it. Give that pro rider in your group one of these to ride and he\she will stop bitching about lack of heart rate. We have a few of those in our group. You know who you are. Ride a Moonlander. Get your workout in. 

Today being another cold dark morning. Bummer. Last few days had me running the heater in the car on the way to the park and work. I refuse to bring or wear a jacket. Screw that.
This weekend I will hit up the group road ride tomorrow morn and stay in it as long as I can. Its always a gauge of my fitness and I get pumped to be able to hang even 10 more minutes that last week. Sunday has my youngest daughter's high school grad ceremony and stuff. So that will be a busy day with family. Bike ride would be short and a bonus that day.

Have a good weekend. 


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