Friday, June 8, 2012


Our home in Washington Island

You need to ferry over to the island

You also need to hit up all the coffee shops.

Its funny on how I try to find things to write about. Today Im trying to find the shortest way to say. So I will start at the beginning. The trip to Washington Island started great. Weather was perfect, little cabin was cool. We got there Tuesday around 7pm and took some time driving around the island. Its not that big. Less than 10 miles in either direction. Wednesday morn we suited up and spent a majority of the day riding to various places around the island. Of course stopping at every coffee shop we could find (only 2). Beaches and towers and other cool stuff. We stopped to have lunch. And got back to the little cabin, had some dinner and planed either kayaking or hiking for Thursday. It was a good day and was looking forward to tomorrow.
Then I got the text. And phone call.
More on my time on the island later.

A terrible accident on our Wednesday Nite Worlds group ride. Several riders got dropped off the back, much like I do almost every Wednesday ride. As the riders were short cutting to get back on the dropped group of three got hit by a car from behind. Ben, who works at my store was in that group. Along with his best friend Troy. And a third who I will not mention to respect his privacy.
While the two others were banged up but OK, Troy took most of the blow and sustained fatal injury's and is gone. I got this info sitting on the picnic table outside out little cabin. My mini vacation was then over. All I could do is think about Troy and his family. And cry.
We stayed the nite and I tried to maybe hang out there longer on Thursday but I was just too bummed. Of course my phone never stopped ringing that morning.  We packed up at 9am and came home. Just a little bit early. We all know stuff like this happens but when it hits close its devastating. Our entire group will not be the same and maybe never will be. My thoughts go out to Troys family, and to Ben who had to witness his good friends death. Really, my thoughts go out to all involved. The entire group and the two others at the scene.

I will miss Troy. He was in the store often talking to Ben. He was good conversation in the group and had a great smile. When he smiles you could not help but smile back. If I had been on that ride, I would have fell off the group and also been in the small group off the back. I wish I was. If I had been I could have enjoyed Troys company one more time. Would have been worth the risk. Now begins the weekend that we say goodbye. Its going to be a tough 48 hours upcoming.
RIP Troy.
"All our light that shines strong only lasts for so long" DEXTER HOLLAND 



Holepuncher said...

Dano I am sorry to hear of this horrible horrible news. I too lost a great friend and worker this last weekend, Andrew Hoefler a part time police officer in the city of New Holstein and worker at the bakery, and all around good guy! My sympathy and prayers to you and all involved with that terrible tragic accident.

Dave Schlabowske said...

So hard to comprehend Dan, thanks for sharing this extra information. Although I did not know Troy, I felt a real jolt when I learned of the crash and have had a sick feeling in my stomach since. Perhaps it is because this comes so close on the heals of the crash in Marathon County, but I feel a genuine sense of loss. This is all so very, very sad...

Dan Dittrich said...

Jared, I heard about the officer also. very sad.

Dan Dittrich said...

Thx, Dave. Sorry I did not return your call. Was just trying to deal with it....

Sarah said...

I'm so very, very sorry for your loss... I am an avid cyclist from Chilton (Calumet county) and heard about the accident. It's terribly unfortunate and unfair. My heart goes out to Troy and his family...and also to you & yours.