Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I had this long drawout post on this past sad weekend. But after I read it and after the memorial ride we took to the crash site Monday nite I deleted it. Slowly life will go back to normal. Some sooner than others and some not entirely. So I thought about something normal to do and write about.

And that was grab the MTB and head to the local trails. I hit up Greenbush for a rocky ride of a little over an hour. Its quite a bit more enjoyable for me when Im not in zone 5 and ready to go over the bars at any moment. Still, too many rocks out there but manageable when I can take my time over them. It was a month gap between riding the Superfly and thats just not right. I got out Sunday morn too. Its going to be late July before I get to race the thing. So I have awhile yet to put in some more time on it. I do better racing a MTB. The tough efforts are shorter. I can push some good wattage for a short time but put me on a long drawn out climb and Im off the back. Plus I do have a little bit of skilz in the woods. My background in motoX helped with that. So I do look forward to later this summer to spend some quality zone 5 on that bike.

 In the back of my mind today is a small tour I want to take up to our yearly week in Northern Wisco. The week I call Secret Training Camp. That will be the week starting July 7th. 
As of today. I will be planning to leave 3 or 4 days before the fam and ride up. Its about 245 miles. Thats only three weeks from today. Sounds like a long time but will go fast Im sure. Im planning. More later.

Nice ride yesterday. Sun in my face and iPod in my ears.

Tonite is the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Group ride. The same weekly ride that we lost Troy on last week when I was out of town. Im going to try and make it. Im pretty sure it wont change much.  Maybe increased safety will be on some minds for awhile. That's a good thing. Even tho last weeks accident had nothing to do with how the group rode. I expect to get dropped at some point.
The more things change the more they stay the same.
Either way I will have fun and get a workout.
Both good things.



Jake said...

You should change the XR1 tires for the 29-0 for race day on your carbon beauty. You won't be disappointed!

Dan Dittrich said...

I have a set of 29\0 and just have not made the switch yet. Its been so dry. But Im sure the 29\0 roll pretty fast too.....