Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Huge rain last nite had these mini rivers feeding the lake. 815am
Back to my stellar HP visits. And when the heat is up the visits get nice due to the fact that it like natures air conditioner here. The lake always cools the park off and in spring its a nuisance but times like these its awesome. You can feel the temp drop as you get closer. Had my coffee here this morn and will be back soon on the bike. But today I am a bit troubled.

Seems while loading\unloading tents and stuff this weekend I tweeked my knee a little. Like all guys I just ignored it cuz it will go away. It has not. Its worse. Much worse.  I did have another mini vacation in the works this week to replace my crappy one a few weeks ago but thats all off. Im scared to death that I might need some surgery on this thing and that would be devastating right now. Its wrapped. And Im trying to stay off it for the most part. But in an hour Im going to try and ride on it. If that go's badly Im in to see an ortho doc. With the results something I dont want to hear.

I did ice it last nite and it feels better. Man, getting old is a pain. Literally. Time will tell. I did have surgery on the same knee many years ago and feel like it might be time for some maintenance on it. If so, maybe I can ride it out till winter??
Im kitted up and heading out on the Domane as we type.
Report tomorrow I guess.


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