Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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In the last few days a couple people have commented to me to the effect of keeping the lake pics coming. Really, I thought you were all getting a bit bored with it. I have in my computer quite a stash of lake pics. I could delete several hundred and have several hundred left. I will do that someday. When you take random pics like I do you get quite a few that could be deleted. Someday.

Yesterday bike ride went...just OK. It seems that no matter what I do with my damn knee, ice it, stay off of it, ride on it. Nothing changes. I rode two hours in constant pain. Not a sharp pain but a nagging pain.
Not sure what to do.
I iced it several times in the store the rest of the day and nothing changed. Im going to ignore it for a little while longer but for sure something is up in there. Im still in denial. Woke up several times last nite to pain.
My tour up north is in jeopardy. That's in two weeks from today. Im going to need to ride at least 6 hours per day for four days. Im planning on riding up to Eagle River from here, then over to Sayner to meet the Fam. This is the week every summer I call Secret Training Camp. One week in the north woods with my MTB and roadie. Beautiful riding on both bikes up there. Am looking forward to it.
Or am I.
It just so happens we have a ortho surgeon in our riding group. We talked briefly and he would see me as soon as tomorrow. Think I will.

Another awesome day in the life of a bike store owner as I have my accountant in house this morn. He usually stops in once at the end of the year to close my books but this year he's coming to do at least half. And he's $125 bucks and hour so he gets my undivided attention. For real.

Thats a real fun morning.


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