Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cartoon pic. 845am

Soon my morning visits to the HP will change. For the good and bad. Theres a point during the summer when I ditch the morning car visit for a morning bike visit. As good as that sounds it does change the dynamic of the visit. I really enjoy my morning coffee on the beach. And when its all bike I ditch the coffee and have it later in the store. Its a fair trade.
My free time go's opposite of what you might think pertaining to the store. When its slow Im here alone. But when its busy like now thru September I can afford help and don't hesitate to bring extra body's so I can relax a little. Again, its a perk a bike store owner must take to make this whole thing worth it. Kinda payback for all the 10 hour days January thru April. And also postpones the blog entry until later as Im riding when I usually was typing. Todays ride was from about 830 to 1030. Sun in abundance. I little windy but a nide road ride on the Domane. Hope this continues now thru the end of summer.

Last nite I attended the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Ride and it was like a blast of fresh air. A bit slower and easier than the norm. Very enjoyable. We rode about 35 miles with a 17.5 mph average. Not that bad. Hope this lasts a bit longer but Im sure it will turn back into a beat down drop ride in time. Until then Im in. Except for next Wednesday as Im going back up to Door County to finish our mini vacation from last week.

Time to go sell some bikes.....


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