Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Another wonderful training ride in prep for my ride next week. The sun was out and temp were (still) cool. A pending heat wave will soon be here. About 2.5 hours on the Trucker. Its working great. Love it.
When touring I ride a bit different than when Im on the Domane or in a group. When touring its about time on the bike, not speed. A rule of thumb I do is if Im going over 15mph I stop peddling or soft peddle. Under 12mph start again. When your loaded down with 70 pounds of stuff you would not believe how much you can coast. And you need to take full advantage of that if your in the saddle 6+ hours a day for multiple days. Then gear down on the climbs and take your time going up. Like I have a choice in that respect. I do that anyway.

In spite of whats all going on at the store the next few days Im trying to stay focused on all my tasks, although I think I will miss a few things along the way.
Today, I will focus on the Dairyland race hitting the streets around the store tomorrow. Besides all the store stuff like tents, chair and whatever, I will help in early morn setup of the course also. Tomorrow will start at 7am for me and wont end till 9pm. For the most part, the store does not make any money. With the streets closed nobody stops in to buy a MTB for their kids. So its more of a party day. All my family and friends stop in to sit under my tents, eat my food and watch some races. Its a fun day.

So no post tomorrow. I wont get in another ride in until Saturday morn. As soon as the race is over I will switch focus to the tour\training camp. But not before.


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Sarah said...

The hot air has already hit here in Chilton. It's gross...

Beautiful photo, by the way!

Enjoy the Dairyland!