Monday, June 4, 2012

835am Lone kayak.
Pretty good weekend. Busy. Saturday had me rolling with the group and I did not do so bad. I did get dropped pretty bad twice. Both on climbs. Both times the group waited. I did fall off the back a few more times but found some help and got pulled back in. A very enjoyable workout for me. Said this a million times but I need more of this. Legs were pretty sore. A good sore. I'll consider it an awesome ride.

Sunday had me off the bike and attending my youngest daughters high school commencement.
She's down in the blue area.

I know I don't put a lot of family stuff on this blog. Mostly due to the fact I like to keep most of that stuff private. But my life is not always about bikes. Believe it or not. Having one of your kids ending high school is a pretty big deal. Having your youngest is even bigger. While it ends an a 13 year era for them, this one ends a 25+ year era for me. I now have no children in "regular" school. She is continuing her education. Just another deal to remind me of how old Im getting. I got a little emotional.

Today Im setting up a ride ride out to the park. Im riding the Trucker as Im going to use it while I take a few days off this week and heading out of town for a well deserved mini vacation.
More on that tomorrow.


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