Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just might have a lot to talk about today. So lets get started.
1: Todays HP visit was a good one. My first spot was taken but I had my backup spot all to myself. The heat is gone and all my senses were filled with just the cool breeze, sounds of crashing waves and coffee. Can morning get any better?

2: Last nite I went to bed with my knee in such pain. My wife wanted to shove a bottle of ibuprofen in me. This morn, I wake up to find thats its feeling the best in a week. Strange. Still, somethings wrong in it but I could actually walk on it. Almost without a limp. I have a appt with a orthopedic doc tomorrow morn. And it just so happens he is in our riding group. We have a great group in that way. Two doc's, auto mechanics, cops, carpenters and a bike store owner (thats me!) amongst other noble professions. I believe we are still missing a lawyer. But  overall we are pretty much hooked up with stuff. The lack of pain has me in a better mood. That thing has been hurting non stop for over a week now. My bike tour in two weeks has hope!

3: Today starts the premier road race series in Wisco. Tour of Americas Dairyland starts down near Milwaukee. The same series that races right past the store next Thursday the 28th. With my knee feeling better today I might drive down and watch tonite. In the past, the hot series in Wisco was Superweek. Superweek in its heyday was one of the best tours in the States. Many euro rides and teams. Lance raced here in '96. Cadel also raced the series one year. Sadly, the series priced itself out of Wisconsin for the most part but now runs a lot in the Chicago area. There is a couple Wisco races but nothing like before. And I believe they do not pull the euros like they did either. While Dairyland tour is nice I still miss having 5 riders in a break and none of them speaking English. Very interesting stuff. Cant believe its almost July already.

4: There is no number four.

Im in the store till about two, then staffed it so I can cut out and take a break. If I dont head to beertown to watch the race I might just ride a little since my knee feels better and Im seeing a doc in the morn anyway. 
And thats all I have to say today.



Sarah said...

Hope that knee gets feeling better permanently!


Dan Dittrich said...