Friday, June 22, 2012


Another stellar visit this morn. However cut short by a bus load of kids. I do understand Im not the only one there during the summer months and I should be riding here instead of driving by now anyway. Its all good. I'll share the HP during the summer months.
I'll find out later today how much riding I will be doing in the near future as the knee doc appt is this morn. Im optimistic and Im usually never optimistic.

Last nite I did visit Milwaukee and watched the first Dairyland series race. Perfect weather and good racing made it a good choice. I had a good time.
I got to park alongside one of my favorite teams vans.

Many of the riders\teams were still at nationals so the fields will grow after this weekend. 11 days in a row for this series. I'll visit a few more.

Then, of course, they come to me next Thursday and race right past the store's front. And side. The store is now on a corner as they changed the course from years past.
That should be fun.

As in every Friday I set up my weekend rides about this time but cant. Good or bad knee Im riding a bit in the morning but not with the group. Just an hour or so solo. Then working in the store till 4.
After that I have no plans the rest of the weekend.

I'll take it as it comes.


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