Friday, June 29, 2012

Another great morning visiting my HP. As I sat on my fav bench I watched a eagle fly past. Great way to start the day. Even this day as I am wiped out from the festivities yesterday. Im sure the heat had something to do with that also. But race day in the streets of Sheboygan means a long day for me. But I think a good day was had by all.

I thought there was a pretty good turnout as spectators were lined up pretty much all the way around the course. The air conditioning in the store was a popular item as temps hit the mid 90's.

Store on a corner this year. This was early in the day.
The store was right on a corner this year and that was a nice change. While other parts of the course had issues, this corner was relatively safe all day. 

But that was yesterday. This morn I get to a store full of tents, chairs, leftover food and bikes strew everywhere. It will take two people an hour to straighten up.

Now my sights turn to the impending ride up to my Secret Training Camp up in northern Wisco. I have already pushed departure one day later to Wednesday the 4th. Not sure if that day will make it tougher to ride with increased traffic but whatever.
Not only do I have to prep me, and the bike. But the store also. I will be gone a full 10 days so I have to try and plan ahead and put the guesstimated order in today. The get it all on the floor Mon\Tues. Also, besides me and the bike I have to get my stuff together for the Fam to drive up and meet me on Saturday the 7th. That means prep the road, MTB and my wife's bike too. Pre pack all my other stuff that I will need during that week that I dont take with me on the bike.
Next four days will be nuts for me.
Will see how that go's.


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